Better therapy starts with EFT.

Hi, I'm Clare Rosoman

I am a clinical psychologist with over 25yrs experience & since discovering EFT in 2008, I knew it was the model of therapy for me! I love its grounding in attachment theory, the way it honors my clients' (& my own) humanity & how it prioritises emotion rather than pathologising it. I truly found that EFT transformed my practice & I know it can for you too!

I am an ICEEFT Certified EFT Trainer, which means that I am one of Dr Sue Johnson's trusted international EFT trainers around the world. I teach EFT to therapistswhere I live in Brisbane, Australia, as well as all around the world online. I love that I get to teach people something that I am so passionate about! I really enjoy making colourful, beautiful therapist resources which help people to learn & use EFT. I hope that I can inspire you to learn & love EFT too.

Clare XOXO

Introduction to EFT Course

This introductory workshop is for therapists interested in learning about Dr Sue Johnson's Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model. There is a reason thousands of therapists around the world are learning EFT. It is because it works! This workshop will show you how Attachment Theory & EFT will enhance your practice!

Goals of this workshop:

  • To provide an overview of the EFT model, its theoretical basis, and its evidence-base.
  • To explore how EFT can be used with individual clients and with relationships.
  • To highlight the goals of EFT, in increasing individual well-being and building attachment security in close relationships.
  • To explain how the EFT model conceptualises distress and how it is so effective in shaping growth.

EFT Roadmap

Learn about the three stages of EFT & how they track the client change process in EFT for individuals, for couples/relationships & in EFT for families. EFT gives therapists a map to follow & clear interventions to ground their work.

The EFT Tango

Discover how this 5-move therapist intervention can shape moments of change in every EFT session! By focusing on self-defeating patterns & keeping the process experiential & emotionally focused, the EFT Tango shapes corrective moments in-session.


Learn about the attachment-basis of the EFT model & how the therapeutic alliance is crucial in the change process. EFT is all about building secure attachment bonds, within the individual & with those who matter most.

Practical Takeaways

  • Clare will introduce you to the EFT "roadmap," and the key EFT therapist interventions, including the "EFT Tango," that allow therapists to shape change in every session.
  • Clare will show you the core EFT micro-skills that prioritise the therapeutic alliance and keep the work experiential and attachment-focused.
  • The workshop includes colourful, beautiful slides that are yours to keep.
  • Participants will also receive downloadable therapist resources to support their learning such as an EFT Therapist skills "cheat sheet", a list of the EFT microskills, the EFT Tango "Plus" sheet, and a client information sheet on EFT for couples and EFT for individuals.

Therapists! Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

Discover the power of EFT in this introductory workshop. See if it feels like a good fit for you and for your clients. Learn the basics in this short, on-demand course to see if you'd like to engage in further professional development in this evidence-based, attachment-focused model of therapy. As an international EFT Trainer, Clare is known for her colourful resources, which you will receive a sample of in this workshop!

Course Outline

This course includes 3 video modules collectively totaling 132mins

  Intro to EFT - Part 1: Theory, Evidence & Roadmap
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  Intro to EFT - Part 2: Therapist Tools & the EFT Tango
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days after you enroll
  Intro to EFT - Part 3: Assessment & Cycle-tracking
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days after you enroll

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